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Alexis Takagi

“Many people in the business industry hide behind a facade. As we are often taught to fake it till you make it, however, Ditch the Act encourages a newfound philosophy that redefines what it means to be authentic in an impersonal digital age.”

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Ryan Williams

“In an era of ever-increasing noise on social media, Ditch the Act makes you realize that being yourself is truly the key to standing out. It is full of actionable insights to revealing the power of the real you.”

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Alexander Sascha Kootstra

“So much opinion is made on the fake masks we try to develop based on what we think others want to hear. We become fearful of ourself, our story and who we really are, losing our ability to connect. It is great to finally read a book on self-development that is not just a bandage to add to our already broken masks but teaches us to be ourselves and truly communicate what and who we are without shame, creating true and long lasting relationships in the process! A great read for all those that want to communicate clearly and honestly and are not looking for yet another cheap trick!”

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Alyssa Dver

“Life is way too short to find out you messed up your chance to be your best self and help others do the same. Ditch the Act helps you immediately be the person you will be most proud of and that others will want to friend, follow and become. What greater gift could there be in any form, let alone an easy to read book?”

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Sarunas Savicianskas

“In a world where perception is considered as important or even more important than reality, “Ditch the Act” challenges that kind of mindset with some personal stories, a clear explanation on thinking about success and self branding differently, and a playbook to apply it. As a fan of humble, yet confident self expression, I found the book making me think about all of the books and articles talking more about power poses and looking the successful self instead of building trust via admitting our fragile moments and vulnerabilities with our teams and followers. It’s a must read which brings a different perspective and can potentially help some of us grow.”

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Michele Trusolino

“Grow your personal brand by exposing your whole self”, wouldn’t that be awesome? That’s exactly what this book is about…and goodness, does it deliver! Packed with practical advice, it will become your personal brand bible!”

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Holly Dowling

“What I found to be the magical formula that brought me to where I am in my career is going beyond the ‘why’ to the ‘who’. Once I looked at who I was (someone who leads life with love, authenticity and a touch of sass), my business exploded. Ditch the Act teaches you how to own your most valuable asset, your whole story.”

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Rob Lubow

“Ryan has long been one of my favorite communicators. In Ditch the Act, Ryan’s signature high energy and Leonard’s openness make for a riveting combination. They not only share stories and insights to illuminate, but exercises to help you make their ideas a functionality reality. Ditch the Act is quite liberating and required reading in a world where we’ve all gone a bit overboard trying to look like we have our stuff together at all times. We don’t. And according to Ryan and Leonard, not only is that okay, it’s a golden opportunity holding the key to real success.”

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Kevin Strom

“Be Authentic! In the days of social media filters and artificial enhancements with people desperately wanting and needing to be perceived as more than their true self, it is a beautiful thing to read the perspective from the eyes of Leonard and Ryan. Being authentic used to be the norm and now being authentic is the exception. The message is to accept and acknowledge your shortcomings, to be your true self and let your true self shine for the world to see. An excellent book from two talented authors!”

Jabez Lebrett 400 400 therealyou

Jabez Lebrett

“People have become masters at sharing a facade of success and happiness on social media. These selective personas that we choose to project are doing more harm to our ability to grow and expand our horizons. Ditch the Act gives us permission to be vulnerable, authentic and honest with those around us. With both strategies and tactics, this book is exactly what you need if you are looking for a real edge in life.”