Dennis Yu 448 448 therealyou

Dennis Yu

“Leonard and Ryan deliver meaningful and brutal life lessons that you’d never expect from two super successful public figures. The ‘Exposure Resume’ and 3-1-3 method helped me see through my own fluff and get to what really works in building my personal brand.”

Derin Cag 400 400 therealyou

Derin Cag

“This book is certainly one of the best and most moving books I have ever read. And boy do I consume a heap of content. Actually, it’s one of those few exceptional books that not only has the power to change lives for the better and provide a few good laughs — but also comes once in a lifetime! A must-read for every person interested in growing their brand through authenticity.”

Adam Stone 416 416 therealyou

Adam Stone

“As any Leonard Kim fan would know, Leonard is THE master at personal branding. On whatever medium, you will find him and know him to be the thought leader in his space. Leonard and Ryan’s book is a whole lot more than just telling you to stop being fake. It’s a recipe book for developing a script of the ‘real you’ and HOW exactly you can use it to produce genuine content at scale and grow your audience. It’s so good, we’re going to start handing this book out to our customers who want to become the best thought-leaders they can be.”

Kameka M. Dempsey 445 445 therealyou

Kameka M. Dempsey

“Courageous, different and a masterclass in vulnerability. Ditch the Act is a refreshingly pragmatic book on how to build your personal brand. Leonard and Ryan have bravely shared their own trials and triumphs in service of empowering others who want to build a long-lasting personal brand. If you are looking to ignite your personal brand online or otherwise, look no further than this book. It’s the rocket fuel you need to launch your personal branding into the stratosphere.”

Nathan Gold 209 232 therealyou

Nathan Gold

“When I prepare people for high-stakes presentations such as TED talks, people always ask me, ‘How can I be more authentic with my audience?’ Ditch the Act is exactly what people need to do to be more authentic. It’s all eloquently explained with examples by the authors. I predict this book will be seen as powerful as the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. If you want to find your authentic self and allow that self to be seen and heard by the world, Ditch the Act is your key to success.”

Piper Moretti 400 400 therealyou

Piper Moretti

“We’re in an age where Instagram and Facebook rule, where influencers and even friends have us believing that everyone’s successes, family dynamics and lives are perfect and ours aren’t. It isn’t real. Life is messy. Success is messy. This book gives the reader permission to be vulnerable and still be okay. Leonard and Ryan share relatable instances that resonated with me so much they brought me to tears, and I found myself breathing a huge sigh of relief to just give myself a break from having to be picture perfect (literally). THESE concepts help cut through the barrage of misinformation and hype we’re fed daily and allow us as entrepreneurs to present ourselves authentically and in turn create authentic relationships with clients, family and everyone around us.”

Angela Lussier 400 400 therealyou

Angela Lussier

“If you feel any hesitancy or fear around how to present yourself at work, online or on stage, look no further! This book will convince you that sharing all the messy parts, hard parts and small moments that you think no one cares about are what makes your brand real and interesting. If you’re not sure how to get started, this book also has useful exercises to get you thinking and building a presence other people will want to follow and engage with. Don’t wait to read this book!”

James Ellsmoor 1024 1024 therealyou

James Ellsmoor

“In Ditch the Act, Ryan and Leonard open up about their vulnerabilities to show how we can harness our weaknesses to be an advantage. These two characters are masters of communication and this book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their personal brand.”

Dr. Linda F. Williams 400 400 therealyou

Dr. Linda F. Williams

“This book cuts through the marketing psycho-babble and all the confusion that keeps many of us chasing tactics and over-the-top promises. DITCH all of the time and money wasted chasing other people’s dreams and employing “do-it-like-I-did-it” get rich schemes. Read this book – NOW!”

Chris Strub 400 400 therealyou

Chris Strub

“Ditch the Act is an ideal antidote for anyone intimidated, confused or otherwise dismayed by the unceasing bacchanalian masquerade that is social media in recent times. Two of the internet’s most down-to-earth guys explain how they’ve burst through the artificial barriers set by different platform’s superficial standards, then lay out a step-by-step road map for you to begin your journey to accomplish the same. Authenticity is the skeleton key to a successful — and sustainable — future in social marketing, and Ryan and Leonard show you exactly how to ditch your own act and follow the path they’ve followed, both together and individually, to a fruitful and healthy online/offline presence.”