“Social media platforms have fundamentally changed how we show up and relate to the world. We think we have to present a whitewashed, perfect peek into our lives. God forbid that we’d share anything too authentic, too transparent, too real. But what is really underneath that fear? Why are we so scared of people seeing the real us? In Ditch the Act, Leonard and Ryan have done a superb job of giving us permission to not only show up and share our more authentic selves, they’ve also included numerous thought-provoking, step-by-step exercises to blast through our fears and achieve a much deeper relationship with our online and offline audiences. I’ve heard it said that we don’t suffer from a ‘time famine’ in today’s world; we suffer from an ‘intimacy famine.’ We’d rather do anything than share vulnerably what’s really going on. I see this book as a new movement to turn the intimacy famine around and create much, much deeper connection with one another.”

Mari Smith, Premier Facebook marketing expert, social media thought leader, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day