Shep Hyken 400 400 therealyou

Shep Hyken

“I love a book that is entertaining and engaging. But, it also has to teach me something. Ditch the Act delivers the goods! As an expert in customer and employee loyalty, I found lessons to help people create loyal relationships with people they haven’t met yet, digitally that is. Ryan and Leonard’s concept of revealing your whole self with candor will help you drive loyalty with the masses.”

Brett Shahian 187 187 therealyou

Brett Shahian

“Wow! I’m so proud of how Ryan and Leonard have turned what I’ve always known them to be experts at (marketing, communications and personal branding) into an interesting and enlightened long form discussion with actionable takeaways for any professional. Ditch the Act will help you identify your true self and teach you to leverage inherent talents and strengths for good.”

Tina Mulqueen 400 400 therealyou

Tina Mulqueen

“In Ditch the Act, Leonard and Ryan’s radical authenticity is not a strategy that we’re used to seeing from thought leaders who generally rely on a guise of perfection to amass influence. And that’s why it’s so effective. The authors show that in our airbrushed culture, aspiration is less effective than vulnerability.”

Ryan Bonnici 400 400 therealyou

Ryan Bonnici

“Ditch the Act is so good! As a chief marketing officer who specializes in inbound marketing, I see Ditch the Act as not only a practical guide, but quite tactical as well, to not only take an individual and turn them into the face of a brand, but to rally large teams at companies to do the same. I will be implementing these practices at my company with all our employees.”

Josh Linkner 400 400 therealyou

Josh Linkner

“Being vulnerable is essential to innovation, but very few know how to actually do it in an authentic way. Ditch the Act is the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen that provides a step-by-step actionable plan on how to get started now.”

Jeff Davis 400 400 therealyou

Jeff Davis

“Ditch the Act is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Ryan and Leonard’s stories are both relatable and inspiring, demonstrating the power of showing your true self to the world. Their stories, lessons and insights will encourage you to take off your mask and become the authentic leader you’re meant to be. Lots of tips in here to get you to your next level of success, impact and difference-making. If you find yourself hiding in the darkness, as I and many others have, this book will help you step into the light. Read it.”

Matt Prince 400 400 therealyou

Matt Prince

“Ditch the Act is a refreshing take on the endangered self-traits of transparency and vulnerability. It’s an honest and engaging conversation built to challenge you, your perceptions, and your ability to value imperfection in a seemingly perfect world. It’s time to rethink the roles of perception and failure, and Ditch the Act couldn’t come at a better time.”

David Metlzer 400 400 therealyou

David Metlzer

“Many people look great on paper, but few know how to translate that to real relatability. In fact, the more success you find, the more unrelatable you can become (without even realizing it). We live in a world where people crave authenticity. Ditch the Act shows you how to be more comfortable with yourself, and shows the value in sharing the struggles that built your success. Doing so helps others see themselves in your story, and that is what creates real connection in an authentic way.”

Ken Fricklas 380 380 therealyou

Ken Fricklas

“It’s counterintuitive to realize that all that polish we’ve added to our resume and professional interactions is actually getting in the way of our success. Authenticity is what connects — and by giving specific and actionable instructions for getting real and exposing our vulnerabilities, this book is a field guide to getting to the next level: one where we don’t have to hide behind a mask and our interactions are deeper, more meaningful and far less stressful.”

Mike Bush 500 500 therealyou

Mike Bush

“True Self is the new best self. We are conditioned to only putting our best self forward in relationships and professional settings, and social media is making things worse by driving new levels of imposter syndrome and self doubt. Ditch the Act offers concrete steps to overcome fears and grow into who you want to be. Professionally, this book offers tremendous advice on self branding. Personally (and perhaps more importantly) this book generates a road map to self acceptance.”