Ted Rubin 299 299 therealyou

Ted Rubin

“Ryan and Leonard address a topic near and dear to me. Read this book AND… Be authentic, be real, be human and JUST BE YOU. Your audience, colleagues, family and friends (and your conscience) will thank you for it. Make this part of your brand DNA… Tell your story In a way people will care.”

Dr. Nick Morgan 400 400 therealyou

Dr. Nick Morgan

Living in the Instagram-Facebook era, we all are tempted to airbrush our failures, trumpet our successes and pretend our lives are worry- and PVC-free. Ryan and Leonard show how counter-productive that approach is. It’s only by sharing our real stories and authentic journeys that we can bring others in, create communities of support and enlarge our fan bases. This book is the roadmap to better lives and better social media in the half-digital world we live in now.

Oliver Luckett 820 547 therealyou

Oliver Luckett

“From Presidents to superstars and the biggest brands, I’ve assisted thousands of clients to build their personas and connect them to their audiences in the social graph. In Ditch the Act, Leonard and Ryan have highlighted the most important quality that resonates with large audiences: to be human. Their unique approach should help you break through hubris and allow your human, vulnerable self to be expressed, all in hopes to build a more suitable Social Organism for all of us!”

Maria Diaz, MBA 478 544 therealyou

Maria Diaz, MBA

“If you are ready and have the courage to be authentic, transparent and relatable in business and in life, Ditch the Act will walk you through a pragmatic, clear, step by step blueprint. Leonard and Ryan walk us through a proven formula to look in the mirror and unlock the strength of seeing all of you — not just the strengths and accomplishments, but the mistakes, warts and vulnerabilities. In being honest and sharing yourself fully, you discover your secret sauce — your key differentiators — what makes you stand out.”

Fournier Calixte 400 400 therealyou

Fournier Calixte

“This is the perfect guide for anybody seeking more fulfilling personal relationships and exponential growth in their career.”

David Rodriguez 1024 861 therealyou

David Rodriguez

“When it comes to getting your dream job, you must learn to balance sharing both your expertise and the experience that has actually made you an expert. In Ditch the Act, Ryan and Leonard teach readers how to use their failures and mistakes to build out an Exposure Résumé that helps tease out the learning lessons that make you unique and relatable. Read this book and you will discover your true and authentic brand.

Shane Barker 300 300 therealyou

Shane Barker

“I teach a Personal Branding- How To Be An Influencer course at UCLA and I tell my students that authenticity is the key to successful personal branding. But did you know that exposing your vulnerability can be the best way to differentiate and grow your brand? Leonard and Ryan’s book, Ditch the Act, inspires you to ditch the act of being perfect and leverage your failures and shortcomings to build authentic connections with your audience. This is a must-read for anyone who believes in the power of authenticity and wants to learn how to cultivate an empathetic and loyal fan base.”

Chris Harvey 400 400 therealyou

Chris Harvey

“Ditch the Act is a story about two people who refuse to let their vulnerabilities, failures and weaknesses in life define who they are. Instead of running away from their fears, they embrace their insecurities and let them guide their heart. This book is ultimately about truth, candor and authenticity. All of us could learn from these life lessons and see why it’s not cool to sugar coat the truth or hide behind our masks.”

Leon Logothetis 1014 570 therealyou

Leon Logothetis

“The reality is that we all have gone through, and will continue to face tough times. Ryan and Leonard explain how documenting and sharing our own realities – especially the hard times – gives us a superpower to connect with others. Ditch the Act is a unique approach and a practical guide to activating your personal brand by simply learning to share your experiences along the way.”

Dr. Aviva Legatt 500 500 therealyou

Dr. Aviva Legatt

“Ditch the Act shows that the time is NOW to expose our own humanity to achieve not just success, but LONGSTANDING IMPACT. When I coach individuals to tap into that humanity, they gain a surefire foundation to achieve their full potential.”